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Services and Programs

Bulk Fuel Delivery Services from Al Warren Oil

Petroleum products serve as the lifeline of this nation. That’s why we are its heart as a leader in bulk fuel delivery. Trucking fleets, construction, and waste management companies are just a few of the institutions that would grind to a halt without timely and consistent delivery of gasoline, diesel fuel, and lubricants. 

Here at Al Warren Oil, we understand that timely customer service, fuel quality, and price are essential factors to consider when choosing a bulk diesel and gasoline fuel supplier. With over 50 years of experience in the fuel industry, Al Warren Oil has created a knowledgeable team dedicated to providing your business with industry-leading service and quality at a competitive price.

Mobile Bulk Fuel Delivery (Smart Logix – Bar Code)

Controlling cost and increasing productivity are two of the most important initiatives in the transportation industry. Therefore, fueling trucks when they’re not in use—whether day or night—is an ideal option for most companies. With multiple price points, certified metered deliveries, and customized fuel programs, Al Warren Oil Company’s on-site fueling service may be just the solution you need.

Permanent & Temporary Tank Installation

In today’s business climate, convenience is everything. Having Al Warren Oil Company install a fuel tank on-site gives you the convenience you’re looking for, the customization you need, and allows your company complete control over fueling times.

Fuel Management

Take control and secure every gallon you pump into your fleet of trucks or equipment. Have instant access to your transaction history and create and run custom reports. Al Warren Oil’s Fuel Management systems install quickly on any size bulk fuel tank. We offer many options. If you are looking for cloud-based, fixed terminal or software, we have it available.

Marine Fueling

Approved by the United States Coast Guard, Al Warren Oil Company can provide shore to ship deliveries wherever and whenever you need them. And by offering any and all liquid petroleum products, we literally help keep our nation’s ships afloat.

Locomotive Fueling

Filling up on the tracks has never been easier. Al Warren Oil can pull a truck up to the locomotive for direct filling. No more moving locomotives around the yard for fueling.

Construction and Agricultural Fueling

Working long hours in hectic environments can be stressful. Let us alleviate that stress and customize a fueling program for you.

Emergency Spill Response

Vacuum units are deployed in emergency situations to aid in spill clean ups with local responders.

Tank Cleaning / Fuel Filtering

Al Warren Oil provides a customized approach to each customers specific needs. From additives to filters we have you covered. With a special team dedicated to customer needs ask us today how we can help with any issues you may have.

24hr Automated Fuel Stations

Whether you’re looking for gasoline, diesel fuel, or DEF (diesel exhaust fluid), you can easily fill up at one of Al Warren Oil Company’s multiple fuel site locations. Each of our fuel stations are automated, available 24-hours a day, and allow for a number of payment options. Click here for a MAP of locations.

Fleet Maintenance Supply & Delivery

If you use it to maintain your fleet, chances are we deliver it. Whether you need oil absorbent, lubricants, pumps, hoses, or filters, Al Warren Oil Company can bring you anything you need to keep your fleet running.

Programs & Benefits

Fuel Monitoring System

Running out of fuel can be detrimental to a business. By utilizing our Fuel Monitoring System you eliminate the risk and allow us to serve you efficiently. Al Warren Oil Company will view your fuel levels and schedule deliveries based on operational need and market conditions.

Customized Fuel Pricing

At Al Warren Oil, we understand that different fuel pricing options work for different companies. We can develop quantifiable and verifiable pricing structures that take into consideration your specific needs. Transparency is still attainable when dealing with a commodity..

Chip Key Program

Al Warren Oil has six unmanned fuel islands (Chicago, Summit, Bensenville, Channahon, Hammond, and Indianapolis) for customers that offer diesel, gasoline and DEF. The Al Warren Oil Chipkey Program allows you to get the fuel you need on your schedule.

Fixed Pricing Program

The Al Warren Oil fixed pricing program was designed to put some stability back into an otherwise unstable market. By locking in a fuel price, regardless of what the market does, you’ll be protected. To learn more about the specifics of this program, contact your Al Warren Oil sales representative today.


SmartTank Monitoring

SmartTank Monitoring uses a remote satellite monitoring system that allows Al Warren Oil Company to view fuel levels in above-ground and underground fuel storage tanks to determine the best time for delivery based on operational needs and market conditions. In the event that you’d like to monitor the levels with us, a website with a username and password is also made available. SmartTank Monitoring is an efficient and easy way to take the guesswork out of fuel tank observation.


SmartLogix is an enterprise system that controls every function of a customer’s delivery. It allows Al Warren Oil Company to simplify dispatch and track petroleum product movements through the entire delivery process. Real-time inventory information is generated from wireless tank level monitors, bar coding is done to ensure delivery security and accuracy, and GPS tracking is performed for enhanced fleet management. SmartLogix is a feature-rich tool that Al Warren Oil Company uses to take its service to the next level.