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With winter approaching we wanted to take this opportunity to notify you of our program for this upcoming season. We will begin our winter additive blending process for all Diesel fuels on the 1st of November. We will cease biodiesel blending for less than truckload deliveries (above ground tanks and direct to unit fueling) on December 9th and proceed with distributing Ultra-Low Sulfur Diesel #2 with Winter Additive.

In the anticipated occurrences that temperatures will reach single-digit and sub-zero range, it is Al Warren Oil Company, Inc’s intent (based on product availability) to implement the following procedure for less than truckload blending Ultra-Low Sulfur Diesel #2 and Ultra-Low Sulfur Diesel #1 including Al Warren Oil winter additive.


Diesel fuel contains paraffin, which means that at low temperatures, the wax precipitates, or separates, from the fuel as wax crystals. As the temperature falls, these crystals grow and cover the fuel filter surface, which can lead to fuel starvation, loss of engine power, and eventually stalling. Wax plays an important role in the fuel by enhancing cetane, which improves cold starting.


Cold-flow improvers are used to modify the shape of the wax crystals so that fuel keeps flowing through fuel filters at lower temperatures. Since the weather is not always predictable, a cold-flow improver provides an added margin of safety for cold-weather operability. #1 Diesel fuel blending is an option for severe cold weather treatment.

Our Diesel

Al Warren Oil Company offers both on- and off-road, ultra-low sulfur diesel fuel to a variety of industries, including:

  • Energy
  • Mining/Off-Highway
  • Trucking
  • Fleet Fueling
  • Primary Metals
  • Manufacturing
  • Municipalities
  • Marine

Al Warren Oil has become a leader in the industry by helping our customers operate as efficiently as possible through savings in the fuel market and reduced total cost of ownership on equipment. Our value-added services for diesel clients include inventory management through wireless tank monitoring and providing tanks and equipment.

We offer both On & Off-Road Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel

Developed to allow the use of improved pollution control devices that reduce diesel emissions more effectively but can be damaged by sulfur, ULSD is a cleaner-burning diesel fuel that contains 97% less sulfur than low-sulfur diesel. Companies with 2007 or later model year diesel vehicles should only fuel them with ULSD. ULSD has a maximum sulfur content of 15 parts per million (ppm).

Diesel On-Site Fueling and Delivery Capabilities

We provide on-site fueling, tank rentals, and mobile fleet fueling. Our diesel and biodiesel delivery capabilities range from 250 gallons to tens of thousands of gallons via tank wagon (4,500 gallons or less), transport loads (4,500+ gallons), or common carrier. Our capabilities to purchase a product from various suppliers at every terminal throughout the midwest ensures that we can keep your business fueled even during emergencies. Al Warren Oil Company’s strategically placed locations in Chicagoland, Hammond, and Indianapolis areas provide the perfect sites to connect with wireless tank monitors to make the most efficient and timely deliveries for our customers. Call our most convenient location today to discuss your fueling needs.