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Al Warren Oil can deliver your Mobil Diesel Efficient (MDE) in Bulk to fuel tanks, to truck (Wet Hosing Services) or to your fuel Island.

Mobil Diesel Efficient

Here at Al Warren Oil can deliver your affordable Mobil Diesel Efficient fuel (MDE) in Bulk to fuel tanks, to truck (Wet Hosing Services) or to your fuel island. By using Mobil Diesel Efficient Wet Hosing Services, it will help improve your fuel system performance in both on- and off-highway applications. The advanced fuel has been engineered to improve diesel fuel economy and boost engine performance and has been tested in multiple real-world applications. Contact us today to learn more about how Al Warren Oil can deliver you Mobil Diesel Efficient in bulk today.

Mobil Diesel Efficient Fuel is available at our Fuel Sites Summit, Chicago, Bensenville, Channahon, Hammond

Features and Benefits

Our affordable Mobil Diesel Efficient fuel contains a patented additive technology that is specially designed to clean up both internal injector deposits and nozzle coking deposits. Today’s diesel engines have sophisticated fuel systems engineered to meet stringent emissions requirements. Deposits that form inside the fuel injectors can impede the movement of the needle, and cause early failure of the injectors. Deposits building up inside the injector nozzle can restrict fuel flow, deteriorate the fuel spray quality and result in loss of engine power, increased emissions, and reduced fuel economy. Mobil Diesel Efficient fuel helps to prevent deposit formation and clean up existing deposits that may be damaging your engine performance.

Mobil Diesel Efficient™ fuel is available with a winter warranty!*

2023-2024 Winter Program

Mobil Diesel Efficient™ is our best diesel fuel ever. It is engineered to optimize engine performance, improve productivity and enhance efficiency. And now, Mobil Diesel Efficient™ fuel is available with a winter warranty!* Cold Flow Improver (CFI) is added over the winter months to help provide the cold weather operability you need to keep your business moving. The multi-functional detergent additive in Mobil Diesel Efficient™ fuel helps prevent deposit formation and clean up existing deposits from fuel injectors, the heartbeat of your diesel engines.


Cold-flow improvers are used to modify the shape of the wax crystals so that fuel keeps flowing through fuel filters at lower temperatures. Since the weather is not always predictable, a cold-flow improver provides an added margin of safety for cold-weather operability. #1 Diesel fuel blending is another option for cold-weather treatment. However, #1 Diesel fuel is typically more expensive and would need to be blended at significant levels to achieve the same results as the cold-flow improvers.


Diesel fuel contains paraffin, which means that at low temperatures, the wax precipitates, or separates, from the fuel as wax crystals. As the temperature falls, these crystals grow and cover the fuel filter surface, which can lead to fuel starvation, loss of engine power, and eventually stalling. Wax plays an important role in the fuel by enhancing cetane, which improves cold starting.