• Municipalities and Service Vehicles

  • Fire Trucks and Service Vehicles

  • Refuse and Recycling

  • Private Fleets

  • School Buses

  • Rail Road Transportation

  • Marine Vessels

  • Marine Vessels

  • Landscaping



Our Focus
Whatever your business may be, our sales and marketing team take time to listen to you and understand your company’s needs and objectives. We offer an array of products and services including but not limited to; diesel fuel, gasoline, biodiesel, DEF, additives and lubricants. Our goal is to create the best fuel solutions for you. This way, you can get back to focusing on what matters most – running your company.

Al Warren Oil Company serves several industry segments including Private Fleets, Municipalities, School Buses, Food & Beverage Distributors, Refuse & Recycling, Landscaping, Marine Vessels, and more!


    Fuel Monitoring System
    Running out of fuel can be detrimental to a business. By utilizing our Fuel Monitoring System you eliminate the risk and allow us to serve you efficiently. Al Warren Oil Company will view your fuel levels and schedule deliveries based on operational need and market conditions.

    Customized Fuel Pricing
    At Al Warren Oil, we understand that different fuel pricing options work for different companies. We can develop quantifiable and verifiable pricing structures that take into consideration your specific needs. Transparency is still attainable when dealing with a commodity.

    Chip Key Program
    Al Warren Oil has six unmanned fuel islands (Chicago, Summit, Bensenville, Channahon, Hammond, and Indianapolis) for customers that offer diesel, gasoline and DEF. The Al Warren Oil Chipkey Program allows you to get the fuel you need on your schedule.

    Fixed Pricing Program
    The Al Warren Oil fixed pricing program was designed to put some stability back into an otherwise unstable market. By locking in a fuel price, regardless of what the market does, you’ll be protected. To learn more about the specifics of this program, contact your Al Warren Oil sales representative today.


    SmartTank Monitoring
    SmartTank Monitoring uses a remote satellite monitoring system that allows Al Warren Oil Company to view fuel levels in above-ground and underground fuel storage tanks to determine the best time for delivery based on operational needs and market conditions. In the event that you’d like to monitor the levels with us, a website with a username and password is also made available. SmartTank Monitoring is an efficient and easy way to take the guesswork out of fuel tank observation.

    SmartLogix is an enterprise system that controls every function of a customer’s delivery. It allows Al Warren Oil Company to simplify dispatch and track petroleum product movements through the entire delivery process. Real-time inventory information is generated from wireless tank level monitors, bar coding is done to ensure delivery security and accuracy, and GPS tracking is performed for enhanced fleet management. SmartLogix is a feature-rich tool that Al Warren Oil Company uses to take its service to the next level.