Chevron Delo Rebate Offer

Exclusive Rebate Offer on Chevron Delo Engine Oils

Unlock unparalleled efficiency and reliability for your fleet with Al Warren Oil’s exclusive rebate offer on Chevron Delo products. Designed specifically for fleet owners and shop operators, our promotion offers significant savings on high-performance engine oils, helping you optimize engine performance and extend oil life.

Chevron Delo’s range of engine oils is engineered with cutting-edge technology to provide superior protection against wear and tear, reduce downtime, and decrease maintenance costs over time. With our rebate offer, you not only benefit from reduced initial costs but also gain long-term savings through improved fuel efficiency and extended service intervals.

Chevron Delo Rebate
Chevron Delo Rebate

Why Choose Chevron Delo?

  • Advanced Protection: Chevron Delo products are formulated with ISOSYN Technology, which combines premium base oils, high-performance additives, and Chevron’s extensive industry knowledge to deliver exceptional protection.
  • Proven Results: Fleets using Chevron Delo products often report fewer mechanical issues and lower maintenance costs. The advanced formulation helps in keeping engines clean and running efficiently under extreme operating conditions.
  • Versatile Applications: Whether your fleet includes heavy-duty trucks, modern low-emission vehicles, or high-performance machines, Chevron Delo has a product to meet your needs.

Rebate Offer Details

  • Eligibility: Available to new users of qualifying Chevron Delo products.
  • Promotion Period: April 1, 2024 – August 31, 2024
  • Rebate: Up to $1.00 per gallon in the US or $0.25 per litre in Canada, with maximum savings of $500 USD/$675 CAD.

How to Claim Your Rebate

  1. Purchase the minimum required amount of qualifying Delo products.
  2. Keep your initial delivery invoice(s).
  3. Submit your claim online at by September 30, 2024.

Qualifying Products

  • Chevron Delo 600 ADF SAE 15W-40
  • Chevron Delo 400 XSP SAE 5W-30
  • Chevron Delo 400 ZFA SAE 10W-30

Don’t miss out on this fantastic opportunity to save and enhance your fleet’s performance. Visit to start your claim today!